Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Sooner or Later, You’re Going to be Asked Why You Didn’t Initiate a Preventive HVAC Hygiene Program…

Poor indoor air quality presents an invisible hazard and potential excess cost in commercial buildings. We don’t want you to take the blame when the problem suddenly becomes visible.  

The Invisible Problem:
Dirty Systems and Bad Air Build Up Gradually

According to the American Lung Association, poor indoor air quality is a major cause of days lost from work and school. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says a build-up of dirt on heating or cooling coils can result in a 21% decrease in HVAC system efficiency.

Even in a new building, dirt and debris in ducts and hidden areas get blown out and sucked back in where they build up, hinder system performance and jeopardize the health and productivity of building occupants. Learn more about air quality problems.

You have a thousand details to attend to, and you don’t mean to be negligent. However, when the dirt builds and begins to cause operations glitches and health problems, you could be the one held accountable for the costs—both human and financial.

When staff is stretched thin, HVAC hygiene and air quality often are given lip service only until costs escalate, equipment breaks down or someone sues the company. We can show you how to prevent this. We can help educate others in your company, too.

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The Clear Solution
Regular Inspection and Cleaning
By conducting regular indoor air quality (IAQ) inspections, you can identify where latent air quality problems are incubating and remove the risk before the problems become active.

DuctMedic provides objective, certified data and videotaped evidence to prove your system is clean and protect you if a health issue appears. DuctMedic also helps identify inefficiencies that often are easily solved with minimal expense.

A Preventive HVAC Hygiene Program, with inspections and air quality testing is a valuable first step to saving as much as 25% in energy costs and achieving maximum performance from your equipment… your workforce…and ultimately your bottom line.

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